Why I Love Vertical Gardening

Why I Love Vertical Gardening Tower Garden Growing System

Why do I love vertical gardening?
Could it be because it is so easy?

  •  I can plant 20 vegetable plants in the area that I can spin a yardstick in.
  • Never have to get down on my hands and knees.
  • Never need to weed.
  • Don’t have to drag the hose out and put it away to water my garden
  • My plants grow 30% faster than if they where planted in the ground
  • My Tower Garden vertical garden uses only 10% of the water that a conventional garden uses.
  • Also takes up only 10% of the space.

Why wouldn’t I love vertical gardening!
You too will love having a vertical garden.

What is Hydroponic Vertical Gardening?

A hydroponic vertical garden uses a water pump to pump water to the top of a center column with ports on the side of it into which plant starts are inserted.

The type of hydroponic vertical garden that I use is called an aeroponic vertical garden.
This form of hydroponics mixes water and air together exposing the plants roots to oxygen.
This then causes the plants to grow faster using 90% less land and water

This video explains how the aeroponic vertical garden system works.

I have three vertical hydroponic gardens in production outdoors this summer. During the winter months I bring two of them inside and continue to grow fresh vegetables all winter long using grow lights. Tap here to learn more about using grow lights.

What kind of plants could you grow in your hydroponic vertical garden?
Your hydroponic vertical garden can grow more than 150 different wellness-promoting plants.
The only real exceptions are root crops – such as carrots and potatoes – grapevines, bushes and trees.

List of vertical gardening plants
Our Vertical Garden Urban Farm

With so many choices of crops to grown what you can do with one of these vertical gardening systems is limited only by your imagination.

To order your vertical gardening system to grow your own food just TAP HERE.

Vertical Garden Growing System by Tower Garden

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