Vertical Garden Saving Seeds

Save seeds when you harvest your vertical garden.

I have been saving seeds from my garden plants for many years. I harvest the seeds and dry them on a plate in my kitchen.

If you are growing heirloom vegetables, definitely save them!  However, if you are using a hybrid vegetable seed, you may not get the same quality or even the same plant as the original.  And you can’t always tell if the seeds you have purchased are hybrid or not. So a bit of record-keeping is required.  When starting my spring seedlings, I mark the seedlings so I know which ones are from my own seed.  I always start seedlings from the packet of the same variety so I know I will have a crop of the desired plant.

If plants from my saved seed produce an equal or better plant, success!  Now I can continue to save the seed.

Here is a link to an excellent article on how to save flower seeds.  Some of the principles apply to vegetable seeds, too.

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