Vertical Garden – Harvest Crops Easily with Growing Clips

Growing Clips Tower Garden Vertical Gardening System

Have you struggled to remove the netty pot from your vertical garden to harvest a head of lettuce for example? I know that I have. Harvesting “living” produce with the roots still attached is one of the benefits of hydroponic vertical gardening.

Now their is a product that will make it easier for you to remove your living leafy greens and herb crops from the Tower Garden by Juice Plus® vertical gardening system.

These Growing Clips attach to the inside of the growing port and support the rock wool cube the plant is growing in. The roots of the plant are growing freely into the vertical garden support column. This allows you to easily pull the entire plant, roots and all out of the port. The Growing Clips even have a small handle on them to help you to effortlessly remove your produce.

We remove plants from our vertical garden and put them into a bowl of water to keep them fresh and living until we are ready to eat them.

To order your Growing Clips just TAP HERE.

Growing Clip for the Tower Garden by Juice Plus® hydroponic growing system.

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