Tree Pruning Clean Up Tip

When I prune trees or shrubs I place a large tarp under the area where I am

Place trap under area to prune to collect branches
I place a trap under the area I am going to prune.

pruning. As I prune the the branches that I cut fall onto the tarp. When I have to move the ladder I drag the tarp and and re-position it under the ladder.  If trimming a ground height shrub I lay the trap around the shrub and move it if needed. When the tarp is becoming too full with branches I fold it up and use it to carry, or if too heavy, drag the branches to my compost pile. Contact me for price information about pruning fruit trees and shrubs in the Puget Sound area by using the contact form at the bottom of this blog post.


Fruit Tree Pruning
Oh my! Where to begin pruning?
Branches fall onto trap under me.
As I cut the branches while pruning they full down onto the trap under me.
Fold over trap to carry or drag branches away.
I fold the tarp over the branches to carry or drag them to my compost pile.
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