Vertical Garden Winter Vegetables

Growing Vertical Garden Winter Vegetables

Vertical Garden Urban Farming

Our Aeroponic Vertical Garden has been in our greenhouse since mid-November growing fresh, toxin free vegetables for our salads and green smoothies this winter.

Tower Garden Backyard Tower Garden
December photo of plants that have been in the Aeroponic Vertical Garden for just two weeks.

It is nice to just go outside with a pair of scissors and pick fresh greens when we need them. Salad greens don’t come any fresher than that!

This year we are growing three kinds of lettuce, Swiss Chard, Chives, Parsley, and lots of Kale on our vertical garden.

We grow the kale to use in our morning smoothies. We use a vegan protein shake mix.  Each morning we add kale to our smoothie and sometime Swiss Chard for variety. We also like to add chia seeds, two teaspoons of olive oil and fresh squeezed lemon juice. Some mornings we also add some cinnamon.

Photo of head of lettuce growing in our vertical garden.
Fresh lettuce growing on our Tower Garden last winter.

The lettuce, chives and parsley are grown to use on the fresh salad that we eat

everyday. Nothing like aeroponic vertical garden  greens that are so fresh in your salad.


The aeroponic vertical garden is so simple to grow your food in year round. All you have to do is add water, Tower Tonic Plant Food, and adjust the pH level of the water.

It’s not so easy to grow in your garden in the soil and risk not getting the results you wanted. The Tower Garden takes all the unknowns out of your efforts to grow your own food.

Click on the image below to learn more about the vertical garden growing system that I use.

Vertical Garden

Tower Garden Cookbook

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  • Swiss Chard! thats one of my favorites! So you actually grow it inside? Thats so cool!

    • Yes we do. We have grown it inside of our house in our home office, in the garage, and in our greenhouse during the winter months.


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