Tower Garden Winter Heater

The nights are becoming colder here in the Pacific Northwest now that fall has arrived. I have one

Our two Garden Towers on Halloween Day 2013
Our two Garden Towers on Halloween Day 2013

Tower Garden that will be staying outside all winter long this year. I have begun to prep it for the cold nights. Plants grow best when the temperature surrounding their roots is about 65 degrees. When the soil reaches this temperature in the spring time the plants begin to sprout and grow. For my Tower Garden plants to grow and thrive during the winter, I also need to maintain a 65 degree temperature in the water that is delivering nutrients to my plants roots.

Aquarium heater installed in bottom of Tower Garden reservoir.
Aquarium heater installed in bottom of Tower Garden reservoir.

In order to do this I must heat the water in my Tower Gardens reservoir and keep it at a constant 65 degree temperature all winter long. I purchased a 150 Wyatt aquarium heater at a local pet store store with a  thermostat that I can set the temperature on.

It was a simple job.  All I had to do was to set the dial on the end of the aquarium heater at its lowest setting, which was 68 degrees. Than put the aquarium heater into the Tower Garden reservoir, keeping it away from the water pump. All of a 5 minute job, if that! Now my plants have warm water that is at the optimal growing temperature for the winter months.

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