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It is now fall and the days are too short.  I have too much shade on my green house so I needed to add some light to my Tower Garden.  I will be growing all winter maximizing my investment.. From my online store,  I purchased a set of 4 T-5 lights.  They were very easy to install. Here are some photos and  detailed instructions of how Bob did it.

Tower Garden awaiting its grow lights.
Tower Garden awaiting its grow lights.

To install grow lights on the side of your Tower Garden it will need to be equipped with a Tomato Cage. The grow lights will attach to the Tomato Cage.

Bottom of Tower Garden grow lights installed.
Bottom of Tower Garden grow lights installed.

When you remove the grow lights from the box you will find two metal clips and plastic tie on strips. Do NOT install the clips where the instructions say. These lights are designed to be used on other things besides the Tower Garden. The grow lights need to rise a bit above the Tower Garden so your plants will grow upward toward the light.  I put the clip on the bottom just above the rivet. This elevated the bottom above the bottom row of plants so they would grow upwards. When putting on the clips make sure they are pointing downward to slide over the plastic tie strips.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABob put the plastic wire tie around one of the supports of the tomato cage. He didn’t pull it tight. He left some slack in the clip so the light would fit over it. Once he had the light clipped over the tie strip, then then he pulled it tight.

Close up off plastic wire tie and clip.
Close up of plastic wire tie and clip.

Next he installed the second metal clip so it was opposite the top ring of the tomato cage. He installed the plastic tie strip by threading it through the metal clip and then pulling it tight. He mounted a grow light to each of the four supports of the tomato cage.

Grow lights installed on Tower Garden plugged into timer.
Grow lights installed on Tower Garden and plugged into the timer strip.

Next he set the timer that came with the lights.  With artificial light, the plants need a minimum of 12 hours. So we set them from 7 AM  to 7 PM. I plugged the grow lights into the timer and plugged it in and we were done.

Note the small new seedlings that I started directly in the net pots.  I used a heat pad and once they sprouted, I kept them under a grow light.  What fun! To learn more about how to grow fresh vegetables during the winter months see my blog 5 Ways to Extend Your Growing Season.

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Contact me to learn how easy it is for you to own a Tower Garden.

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