Vertical Garden Sun Reflector

Photo of 3 Tower Gardens with sun reflectors around their bases.
Photo of Tower Gardens with automobile sun reflectors around their bases.
Doug Barlow uses sun reflectors to shine more light on his Tower Gardens.

Do you have a problem with the only location you have for your Vertical Garden not getting enough light during the day? Doug Barlow has this problem. His home has a high bluff on the east side that keeps that side of the house in a shadow most of the day. On the west side of the house the sun doesn’t directly light the yard area until afternoon. Having enough light is always a challenge. To help him get the maximum amount of light shining on his Tower Gardens Doug has put automobile window sun reflectors around his Tower Gardens. The sun’s rays are reflected from the deck surface onto the vegetables planted in the towers, giving them more sunlight. If you have a similar problem where buildings or land features are blocking the sun causing your vertical gardens to be in a shadow much of the day,  this idea will help you to make maximum use of the sun’s rays.

Photo of 3 Tower Gardens with sun reflectors around their bases.
Tower Gardens on Doug Barlow’s patio with automobile sun reflectors around their bases.

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