Tower Garden Steve Ritz Amazing Green Bronx Machine

Steve Ritz Green Bronx Machine
Steve Ritz photo from Green Bronx Machine Facebook page.

Steven Ritz is a school teacher in the South Bronx of New York City. Stephen has been working to teach his students and the community how to grow their own food in the South Bronx. Bob and I had the wonderful experience of listening to him as a speaker at the Juice Plus Leadership in Phoenix in April. Steven is just a bundle of energy! He has founded a non-profit organization Green Bronx Machine that has been turning vacant lots into community gardens and vacant buildings into Tower Garden Farms. This URL is a short video about what he is doing with the school children of the South Bronx.

Click here is you are excited and want your own Tower Garden right now!

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  • Hi stephan
    My name is Rotem kaplan and I am a principle of a high school to youth at risk in Israel.
    I was fascinated by your project.
    I will be in NY for a few days from this Friday and I would like to visit and see with my own eyes.
    You think it will be possible within the next few days?
    My mail is
    Tnx and hope to hear from you


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