Vertical Garden Spring Strawberry Crop

Photo of red strawberry I grew in my Tower Garden in 2 months.
I grew this strawberry in just 2 months in my Tower Garden.

Being an urban gardener with a small backyard I am always looking for urban gardening ideas. I realized the best way to use my limited space to grow vegetables was vertical gardening.

I am using Tower Garden by Juice Plus to increase my crop yield.  Last year I planted my first vertical strawberry garden in one of my Tower Gardens. Click here to read a blog about it.

Last fall I trimmed the runners off my strawberry plants and planted them in the soil for the winter, covering them over with straw. In the beginning of March I took one of the Tower Gardens I had stored outside, click here to read article, and prepared it to plant my strawberries in. I filled the reservoir with water and installed a 20 gallon aquarium heater, setting it to keep the water at 65 degrees. I let the Tower Garden run constantly for 24 hours to let the chlorine evaporate out of the water and to give the water time to warm up. Next I uncovered my strawberry plants and very carefully removed them from the ground, being careful not to damage the roots. Once each plant was removed I put it into a dish pan of water and very gently cleaned the dirt off the roots. When doing this be very gentle and try not to remove the fine hairs coming from the roots. These are what the plants use to get nutrients.

Photo of ripe red strawberry I grew in 2 months on my Tower Garden.
Strawberry on my Tower Garden I grew in just 2 months.

I cut my rock wool cubes in half and placed them around the strawberry plant roots, then put them into the Net Pot , then into the Tower Garden.

I normally have the water timer on my Tower Gardens set to run 15 minutes  on and 15 minutes off,  letting air get to the roots. Since we were still having cold nights I covered the Tower Garden with a Tower Blanket to keep the frost off the plants during the night and set the timer to run the water constantly during the night. Once the sun came up and was shinning on the Tower Garden and the temperature was in the low forties the Tower Blanket was removed, and the timer set back to 15 minutes intervals.

It is now mid May and my strawberry plants have strawberries that are beginning to turn red!  In just two months  ! This is the very best vertical container gardening system I have ever used for my backyard gardening. If you would like to have your own Tower Garden click here.

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