Vertical Garden is a Lettuce Growing Machine

Our Vertical Gardens are now just full of fresh produce ready to harvest! We will be harvesting Tower Garden is a Lettuce Growing Machineand replanting at once for our second crop of this growing season. We have been eating from our vertical gardens for several months now. Going out daily and picking fresh greens to make our morning Green Shake or for fresh salads. We have kale and chard plants that we have been eating from since December. It is now the last week of June and the heat is beginning to make them bolt, so it is time to replace them with new starts. Seven months of eating from these plants. That to me is remarkable!

Lettuce has been a staple vegetable for us. We eat one or two salads daily. Our Vertical Garden keeps us supplied with the lettuce we need year round. We use grow lights and bring the towers inside for the winter.[Click here for blog post about using grow lights]



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PS: You could be using the produce from your very own Vertical Garden to make a healthy, vegan green shake daily without juicing. CLICK HERE to learn how you could be making yours today.

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If you found this post Vertical Garden is a Lettuce Growing Machine useful please share with your friends on Facebook.

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