Tower Garden in the Snow


Here are a few photos of my friend Doug Barlows Tower Garden on his deck in the snow last year. Doug purchased a vinyl greenhouse at a big box store that covered his two Tower Gardens. He added grow lights and an aquarium heater in the reservoir.  His Tower Gardens produced fresh produce for his family all winter long.

tower garden urban vertical farming greenhouse in snow
Doug Barlow’s vinyl greenhouse in the snow.
Snow outside and thriving  Tower Garden plants inside.
Snow outside and thriving Tower Garden plants inside.

See my blog about 5 Ways to Extend Your Growing Season for more information on growing vegetables in your Tower Garden during the winter months.

Tower Garden Urban Vertical Farming in Snow
Doug Barlow’s greenhouse with Tower Gardens ready for the winter.

To find out how easy it is for you to own a Tower Garden contact me. Easy monthly installment plan. 

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