Vertical Garden Grew Amazing Long Chard Plants

Tower Garden Grew Amazing Long Chard Plants
Photo of Tower Garden with long stem chard and kale plants
See how long the stems are on the chard and kale plants of this Tower Garden.

This is a Tower Garden Vertical Garden that I planted last November before Thanksgiving. It spent the coldest part of the winter in my greenhouse with grow lights. There just isn’t enough daylight this far north to grow in the winter without grow lights. I took it outside in March, and put an aquarium heater in the water reservoir to keep the water at 65 degrees which is important. That is the perfect soil and water temperature for maximum growth.

It’s now the last week of June 2015. We’ve been eating Chard greens from this Tower Garden since Christmas. Notice how long the steams on the Chard plant have grown because we pick the older leaves and leave the tip to continue growing.  The stem climbed higher searching for ever more sunlight. It is amazing how these plants have been in this Tower Garden for 7 months now and just keep on growing and producing leaves for us to eat. The weather has been very hot here the past week which has caused the Chard plants to begin to bolt and get too tough. I am now going to harvest the leaves. I’m going to plant new starts in this Tower Garden for a second crop. Since plants grow 30% faster in a Tower Garden I expect to get a third crop before we get a hard frost.


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