Tower Garden Getting Ready For New Strawberry Crop

Today Bob took the Tower Garden I use to grow strawberries each year and got it ready for me to plant. He took the black plastic 30-gallon trash bags off. My Tower Garden was still clean just the way I left it after cleaning it at the end of the growing season in October. To see how I clean the Tower Garden click here. The Tower Garden did get blown over when we had a storm with winds up to 70 MPH gusts. There was no water in the reservoir to weight it down since it was wintertime. This caused the pods to get out of alinement. It was easy to just take off the wing nuts on the top of the Tower Garden too just pull it apart and put it back together all lined up. A five-minute job!

Last fall we got some very heavy rains that caused the water to lay around the Tower Gardens and not drain off. This caused the circuit breaker to pop due to getting water in the plug connections. Bob took a piece of bamboo from our scrap pile and pounded it into the ground and hung the timer from it with a nylon wire tie to keep the connections out of the water. I will see how this works out this growing season. I will be posting a new blog next week showing you how I planted my strawberries. Just click here to have your own Tower Garden.

Update: Hanging the timer in the air, off the ground worked. We have had several heavy rainstorms that have left lots of water on the ground. The water never got into the electrical plug connections and popped the circuit breaker.

When adding water and nutrients to the reservoir strawberries like a slightly acidic pH between 5.5 and 6.5 for best growth.

Tower Garden Urban Vertical Garden
Took cover off Tower Garden today after outdoor winter storage and it was still clean. The pods got out of alinement when wind blew it over on its side.


Tower Garden Vertical Urban Gardening
Tower Garden filled with water ready for planting.


Tower Garden Urban Vertical Gardening
Tower Garden timer hanging from pole to keep out of the water.

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