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Tower Garden inventor gives State of the Plant Report

Photo of Tim Blank standing beside a Tower Garden.

Tim Black stands beside one of the Tower Gardens he created.

Horticulturist and futurist Tim Blank shares how the vertical aeroponic Tower Garden hydroponic gardening system revolution is exploding local food, drastically reducing water and chemical use, and shifting the state of the planet. Bob and I where in the audience when Tim Blank give this presentation.

In this talk Tim Blank talks about developing the Tower Garden Tonic taking several years. It actually took seven years to perfect the solution that is now used to provide natural earth elements and minerals to feed the plants. Tower Tonic also includes trace minerals that humans need. When you eat the produce you have grown in your Tower Garden you are also receiving naturally trace minerals benefits, not a man made supplement. My goal is to put a vertical vegetable gardening Tower Garden in everyone’s backyard to make us all healthier from eating home grown produce.

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