How To Prevent Green Algae Growth On Your Vertical Garden

vertical garden algae growth

Vertical Garden Green Algae Growth

You have had your vertical garden in production for several months. As you harvest your produce the’re now some empty, open ports where you removed the plants from the tower.
You begin to notice over time a green slime forming around these empty ports. This green slime is algae.
Algae is a simple, single celled, nonflowering plant. Algae contains chlorophyll but lacks true stems, roots, leaves, and vascular tissue.
You will notice that the algae forms on the side of the Vertical Garden that is facing towards the sun.
What can you do to prevent this growth?

How To Prevent Green Algae Growth In Your Vertical Garden

The open ports on the side of the vertical garden allow moisture from the running water to form around the port. Algae forms when it has a source of nutrients that are exposed to sunlight. Your water is full of nutrients from the Tower Tonic plant food.

The cascading water forms moisture around the edges of the empty growing ports. To help reduce this mosture I use hydroponic cloning collars.

Cloning collars are small discs that are usually made from neoprene or a similar

vertical garden green algae
Green algae growing around plant port of a vertical garden.

closed cell sponge material. Buy them at hydroponic stores or from Amazon.

The cloning collars are inserted into the netty pot. The netty pot is then intereted into the port of your vertical garden. This fills the growing port helping to stop mosture from forming on your tower.
By reducing the amount of moisture exposed to sunlight you’re preventing algae growth.
Sometimes you will find algae forming under one of the ports of your vertical garden

This is often caused by larger plants. As they grow and become heavier their weight begins to tip the netty pot forward. This allows the water to leak around the netty pot. To solve this problem, trim back the plant

vertical garden green algae
Netty pot with cloning collar inserted into plant port.

until the netty pot no longer leans forward..

Sometimes the plant causing the water to leak just becomes so big that triming it back doesn’t work. You can try to tie back the plant. If this doesn’t work than its time to harverst it.
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