Growing Herbs In A Vertical Garden Is Easy

Growing Herbs In A Vertical Garden is Easy blog post updated July 2018.

The most frequent question I’m asked is “Can I grow herbs in a vertical garden? ”  The answer is, “Yes, lots of them!” I love my vertical gardens and I do grow herbs in them.  Click here to learn more about  Vertical Gardening.

Just imagine walking just a short distance from your kitchen to harvest fresh, living produce for your meals – no matter the season.

I have been growing my own herbs in a vertical garden both indoors and outdoors for five years now.

Yes you can grow herbs in a Vertical Garden.
Yes you can grow herbs in a Vertical Garden.

Growing Herbs – 15 Excellent Herbs to Grow Indoors or Out

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Commonly used to make pesto, this herb’s sweet and spicy flavor complements a range of dishes, from Italian pastas to Thai curries. Basil also reduces inflammation and supports the digestive system.


This herb is often brewed as a tea. It has a calming effect and can even diminish feelings of depression and anxiety. Chamomile also settles upset stomachs!


Related to onions and garlic, chives add a delicate onion-like flavor to everything from omelets to potato salad. Since it’s most delicious when used fresh, its a great herb to your yourself.


Cilantro tends to have a polarizing effect, either you like or you don’t. But for its fans, this herb is a delicious addition to spicy foods. (Think salsas and stir-fries.) It may help inhibit blood vessel damage and support digestive health.


With a butter flavor, dill elevates fish and egg dishes. Is Dill good for you? Its antioxidant count rivals superfoods such as kale and pomegranates. This herb also supports digestive health.


Lavender has calming properties and is good for your skin. It’s often used to make teas and essentials oils, but you can add it to salads and other dishes also.


Offering digestive tract support and anti-inflammatory benefits, you can use lemongrass to make a restorative tea or a satisfying soup.


This close cousin of oregano is typically used to add light, zesty flavors to meat or potato dishes. It also has digestive and antiseptic benefits.


Peppermint, spearmint, lemon balm, catnip – virtually all plants in the mint family flourish indoors. Whether you use it to brew tea or top off a cocktail, mint adds an unmistakable flair. Regularly consuming mint may guard against Alzheimer’s and other age-related diseases. It also helps with bad breath.


This herb is reportedly good for keeping your cholesterol in check. It is a staple in pasta sauces and as a pizza topping.


More than just a garnish, parsley can add interest to a variety of dishes from salads to pastas to soups. It’s also a strong antioxidant.


With a minty, pine-like aroma, rosemary adds depth to chicken, bread, and potatoes. Steep it in hot water for a healing tea that eases inflammation and promotes brain function.


Though it’s most famous in Thanksgiving dishes, sage can be used for so much more. Try adding it to potatoes or quinoa to enjoy it s throat, skin, and hair health benefits.


This is the healthy alternative to sugar. Stevia is a surprisingly sweet herb that pairs well with beverages, fruit, and many other foods.


Add this potent herb to vegetable and grain dishes, and you’ll never want to go without it again! Containing antibacterial properties, thyme is useful for treating winter colds.

Enjoy growing herbs in your vertical garden. If you follow these guidelines you’ll likely be inundated with fresh produce very soon.  Enjoy your harvest even more with this free cookbook.

Vertical Garden Cookbook

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