Earth Friendly Gardening Option For You!

Today is Earth Day. Now is the time to reflect on the planet we live on!  What can we do to be better stewards of our earth?

Let’s discuss better vegetable farming methods that use less water, less space, and natural, mineral-based plant food.  You can easily accomplish this with hydroponic vertical gardening.

Tower Garden in our backyard

We own four Tower Garden hydroponic vertical gardens to grow our vegetables year-round. During the growing season, we have them in our small backyard. During the winter, we bring one indoors and continue to grow greens for our smoothies and daily salads

Vertical Gardens Uses Less Landmass

What are some of the advantages of a hydroponic vertical gardening system compared to the traditional planting of vegetables in soil?

Let’s begin with land use. Our vertical gardening system uses 90% less land mass than a conventional garden. Think you don’t have room in your backyard for a garden? Rethink that idea.

Vertical Gardens Reduce Toxins In Your Food

We live in a time when our environment is badly contaminated with toxins. These toxins are absorbed into the soil. The plants we eat that were grown in the soil now contain toxins.

The Tower Garden uses Mineral Blend Plant Food. This plant food is an all-natural product made from the minerals plants need to grow and thrive. It also contains trace minerals needed by us humans. When you eat the produce grown with Mineral Blend Plant Food you may not need to purchase minerals in supplement form.

Vertical Gardens Use Less Water

Many places are experiencing droughts for extended periods of time. In these areas having enough water is becoming a big concern. The hydroponic vertical garden uses only 10% of the water that you would have used growing vegetables in soil.

What is Hydroponic Vertical Gardening?

A hydroponic vertical garden uses a water pump to move water to the top of the center column. There are ports on the side of the column which hold plants.

The type of hydroponic vertical garden that we use is called an aeroponic vertical garden.
This form of hydroponics mixes water and air together exposing the plant’s roots to oxygen.
This helps plants grow faster while using 90% less land and water

This short 5 minute video explains how the aeroponic vertical garden system works. Its really amazing!

What You Can Grow In Your Hydroponic Vertical Garden

Your hydroponic vertical garden can grow more than 150 different wellness-promoting plants.
The only real exceptions are root crops – such as carrots and potatoes – grapevines, bushes, and trees. Tap the button below to see a complete list of vegetables and herbs that you can grow in your Tower Garden.

List of vertical gardening plants

With so many choices of crops, let your imagination run wild! Our recommendation for the best hydroponic vertical gardening system is the Tower Garden by Juice Plus. This proven hydroponic system was developed by NASA to provide fresh fruits and vegetables for the crew of the International Space Station

To order your Tower Garden Growing System just TAP HERE.

Vertical Garden Growing System
Vertical Garden Cookbook

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