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How to Plan Your Perfect Tower Garden

How to Plan Your Perfect Tower Garden How to Plan Your Perfect Tower Garden

Spring is in the air! Here in the Pacific Northwest the plum and cherry trees blossoms have come and for the most part are already gone, being replaced with new leaf growth. Now is the time to begin to plan what you are going to be growing this year in your Tower Gardens. There are […]

Tower Garden Getting Ready For New Strawberry Crop

Today Bob took the Tower Garden I use to grow strawberries each year and got it ready for me to plant. He took the black plastic 30-gallon trash bags off. My Tower Garden was still clean just the way I left it after cleaning it at the end of the growing season in October. To see […]

Vertical Garden Starting Seeds

Starting seeds in rock wool cubes for your Tower Garden vertical garden? Once the seeds have sprouted, I use a weak solution of Tower Garden Mineral Blend.  I use a solution that is about 25% of the normal ratio.  Once the seedlings are put into your vertical garden use a 50% solution of Tower Garden […]

Tower Garden Help Bee’s Pollinate!

This is a zucchini blossom on my Tower Garden with the bee doing its work!  To help out the pollination, I go out early each morning and use a feather to brush each blossom center, thus spreading pollen from male to female blossoms.  It really does work and it increases my yield dramatically. The second […]

Researchers Confirm Superior Yield of Tower Garden

Researchers at the University of Mississippi have confirmed what experienced Tower Gardeners everywhere already know: Tower Garden by Juice Plus+ yields more produce, more quickly than traditional soil-based gardening. The researchers grew eight different vegetables and herbs – tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, squash, chard, green basil, parsley, and red kale – side-by-side, in Tower Gardens […]