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Tower Garden Mistakes and Lessons Learned

Tower Garden Mistakes and Lessons Learned 2017

We went out into our garden to check our Tower Garden on the hottest day of the year so far.

The outside temperature was over 80 degrees to find our Tower Garden plants were all wilted and drooping!

All the months of growing these vegetables and they now looked like they where dead!

Tower Garden Mistakes and Lessons Learned

In the spring, we had two Tower Gardens that were producing well inside our home. We wanted them outside where they could grow with natural light and air circulation.

We had kale, collards, mustard greens, chard and parsley that were Continue reading

Gardening in Extreme Heat

Gardening in Extreme Heat

Tim Blank the creator of the Tower Gardening growing system gave a presentation about gardening in extreme heat in Mesa, Arizona May 10, 2017. Hal Khalaf was their and made this video during the event.

Click here to watch video.Gardening in Extreme Heat

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Kale Salad Recipe

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Why Should I Buy A Tower Garden?

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Almost Killed Tower Garden

I Almost Killed My Tower Garden!

I went outside to pick some collard greens off one of my Tower Gardens. To my shock and horror all the plants where drooping and wilted.  I thought it was out of water. Took the cover off and looked inside. I had water, a bit low but still plenty. What is going on?Tower Garden with wilted plants


I unplugged the pump and pulled it out. I found the intakes where all plugged up with broken off pieces of roots and a thick green slime. It looked like Slimmer from the Ghost Busters had visited my Tower Garden. Yuck!

Unhooked the pump from the tower. Took it out of the reservoir and gave it a good cleaning. Pulled the end off and took the filter out and cleaned it with my garden hose. A soft spray and the filter was clean again.

I removed the filter, than took an old toothbrush to the outside of the filter and cleaned all the roots out of the port holes to the filter. A rinse of the filter and pump with the garden hose and all was clean again. Than put the filter back in and put the filter cover back in place. Continue reading

Hula Hoop Tower Garden Tomato Cage

Hula Hoop Tower Garden Tomato Cage

What do you do when you need a tomato cage for your Juice Plus Tower Garden and just can’t afford to purchase one?

You become resourceful and creative. That is what Vanessa Salazar did.

Hula Hoop Tower Garden Tomato Cage

She needed a tomato cage, right now, for her plants. She did not have the funds at that time to purchase a new one.

A trip to the lumber yard to purchase some PVC water line pipe, and to the Dollar Store to purchase some hula hoops and some duct tape.

Vanessa put the PVC pipe into the holes where the Tower Garden supports normally would go. She than duck taped the four hula hoops to them, making a homemade tomato cage.

Her creativeness to solve her needs is something that Red Green would be proud of. Great job thinking out of the box Vanessa!

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Hula Hoop Tower Garden Tomato Cage

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Harvesting Lettuce from your Tower Garden

Photo of head of lettuce growing in Tower Garden.

Fresh lettuce growing on our Tower Garden last winter.

Our Tower Garden is full of fresh produce ready to harvest! We will be harvesting and replanting our second crop for this growing season. Linda and I have been eating from our Tower Gardens for several months now. Going out daily and picking fresh greens to make our morning Green Shake or for fresh salads. We have kale , collard, and chard  and   a variety of lettuce plants that we have been eating from since December! It is now the last week of June and the heat is beginning to make the lettuce and chard bolt and the collard leaves too tough. So it’s time to replace them with new starts. Seven months of eating from each plant. That’s remarkable!

Lettuce is one our staple vegetables. We eat one or two salads daily. Our Tower Gardens keep us supplied with the lettuce we need year round. This short video shows you how to harvest your lettuce.

YES, I want my own Tower Garden! Click here NOW!

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Is Tower Garden Tower Tonic Mineral Blend Organic

Is Tower Garden Mineral Blend Organic?

Is Tower Garden Mineral Blend Organic? That is a great question. Dr. Carlos Madero, Ph.D. examines the Tower Tonic blend scientifically and gives you the facts. Just tap the Tower Tonic bottles below to read his findings.Is Tower Garden Tower Tonic Mineral Blend Organic


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Linda Woolsey Bob Stafford

Linda Woolsey Bob Stafford

Linda Woolsey

Bob Stafford



PS: To learn more about the Tower Garden Aeroponic Growing System Click Here.

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Earth Day 2016

Earth Day 2016

Today is Earth Day. Today is the day we celebrate our relationship with Mother Earth. Today we live in a world that is full of toxins. They are created by today’s high tech society and its dependence on chemicals. In our daily activates we are using products that are chemical based. These chemicals are in the air, in the water, in the soil, in our food, in nearly everything product or tool that we use.

More than ever it is important for us to eat a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. Buying organic is so important. It is the way that you will get the least amount of toxins into your body from your food. You can help yourself to become healthier by growing your own food in an aeroponic growing system that has no soil and uses a all natural plant food that consists of natural earth minerals and elements.

This growing system uses only 10% of the land space and only 10% of the water that traditional soil based growing systems use. It also produces ready to harvest food 30% faster according to a study done by the University of Mississippi.

In our house we pick fresh greens for our smoothies every morning year round. Our aeroponic growing system will grow outdoors when the weather permits. When the cold of winter comes we move it inside with grow lights and continue to grow fresh vegetables all year long.  Picking your food and eating it within minutes of harvesting; it doesn’t get any better than this.

What is this aeroponic growing system that lets you grow your own food year round, you are asking? It is the Tower Garden by Juice Plus. It’s a total self contained urban food growing machine! If you can spin a yard stick around on the floor than you have room for a Tower Garden. To learn more just CLICK HERE.

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Linda Woolsey Bob Stafford

Linda Woolsey

Bob Stafford

PS: Want to learn how to eat 26 servings of fruits and vegetables daily without all the work of juicing? Then click here now and learn how you could will your body with anti-oxidants.

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