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Vertical Garden is a Lettuce Growing Machine

Vertical Garden is a Lettuce Growing Machine

Our Vertical Gardens are now just full of fresh produce ready to harvest! We will be harvesting and replanting at once for our second crop of this growing season. We have been eating from our vertical gardens for several months now. Going out daily and picking fresh greens to make our morning Green Shake or for […]

Vertical Garden Sun Reflector

Vertical Garden Sun Reflector Photo of 3 Tower Gardens with sun reflectors around their bases.

Do you have a problem with the only location you have for your Vertical Garden not getting enough light during the day? Doug Barlow has this problem. His home has a high bluff on the east side that keeps that side of the house in a shadow most of the day. On the west side of the […]

Hand Pollinate Tomatoes, Zucchini and other plants in Vertical Garden

Hand Pollinate Tomatoes, Zucchini and other plants in Vertical Garden Hand Pollinate Tomatoes, Zucchini and other plants in Tower Garden

Are your zucchini or tomatoe plants growing like crazy in your Vertical Garden? Do they have had lots of flowers but are giving little or no fruit? If you are experiencing this, it could be caused by a lack of pollination due to the decline of the native bee population. Today more gardeners have to manually pollinate […]

Gardening Heirloom Seeds vs Hybrid Seeds

Those who have been in the gardening scene for a while may have become aware of the growing battle between the use of heirloom, hybrid, and GMO seeds. Recently, there have been arguments over the implications of using these different types of seeds but a lot of misunderstanding has occurred as people aren’t too familiar […]

Tower Garden Has Higher Yield University of Mississippi Study Shows

The University of Mississippi published a research paper about growing vegetables in a Tower Garden. The study reveals that plants grown in aeroponic systems show a higher product yield and comparable antioxidant properties compared to those grown in soil. OleMiss planted 24 Tower Gardens with basil, chard, parsley, red kale, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and […]

Tower Garden Help Bee’s Pollinate!

This is a zucchini blossom on my Tower Garden with the bee doing its work!  To help out the pollination, I go out early each morning and use a feather to brush each blossom center, thus spreading pollen from male to female blossoms.  It really does work and it increases my yield dramatically. The second […]

Researchers Confirm Superior Yield of Tower Garden

Researchers at the University of Mississippi have confirmed what experienced Tower Gardeners everywhere already know: Tower Garden by Juice Plus+ yields more produce, more quickly than traditional soil-based gardening. The researchers grew eight different vegetables and herbs – tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, squash, chard, green basil, parsley, and red kale – side-by-side, in Tower Gardens […]