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Hardening Off Seedlings

Hardening Off Seedlings

Hardening Off Seedlings

If you’re like me, you’ll eagerly await the day you can transplant your seedlings that you have started in your Seedling Starter Kit outdoors. But for best results, you should introduce your plants to the outside world gradually. This is a process called “hardening off seedlings.”

When you start seedlings indoors, they know only the stable, safe conditions of your home, where they enjoy consistent temperature, Continue reading

Avoiding Transplant Shock in Seedlings

Avoiding Transplant Shock in Seedlings

This is my innovative way of avoiding transplant shock in my seedling starter plants. After a week of increasing sun exposure by placing them outside in their propagation trays for increased periods each day. I planted my seedlings into the soil today.

The the weather now is a bit cooler and a bit overcast. Tomorrow should be cooler too. I used my wire tomato cage laid on its side to support my row cover cloth which I draped over the tomato cage. Continue reading