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Planting seeds for your Tower Garden

Photo of 3 Tower Gardens in my backyard.

My Tower Gardens are already on second harvest this year. Newer plants on the bottom.

You just purchased your Tower Garden from my website and it is now time to plant some seeds in the rock wool cubes and begin vertical vegetable gardening in your aeroponic gardening system. Watch the video below for step by step instructions.

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Tower Garden Tower Garden Backyard Tower Garden








Tower Garden Cookbook Backyard Tower Garden








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Tower Garden Ripe Strawberries in 75 Days!

These strawberries were just tiny plant starts when planted in my Tower Garden the middle of March. Now it’s Memorial Day weekend and I am picking ripe strawberries from my Tower Garden. All in just two and a half months!

My strawberries  in traditional soil beds have green strawberries that show no sign of ripening yet.

The Tower Garden produces fruits and vegetables 30% faster than if grown in soil.

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Tower Garden Cookbook Backyard Tower Garden








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Tree Pruning Clean Up Tip

When I prune trees or shrubs I place a large tarp under the area where I am

Place trap under area to prune to collect branches

I place a trap under the area I am going to prune.

pruning. As I prune the the branches that I cut fall onto the tarp. When I have to move the ladder I drag the tarp and and re-position it under the ladder.  If trimming a ground height shrub I lay the trap around the shrub and move it if needed. When the tarp is becoming too full with branches I fold it up and use it to carry, or if too heavy, drag the branches to my compost pile. Contact me for price information about pruning fruit trees and shrubs in the Puget Sound area by using the contact form at the bottom of this blog post.


Fruit Tree Pruning

Oh my! Where to begin pruning?

Branches fall onto trap under me.

As I cut the branches while pruning they full down onto the trap under me.

Fold over trap to carry or drag branches away.

I fold the tarp over the branches to carry or drag them to my compost pile.

Tower Garden California Farmer Finds Solution To The State’s Water Crisis In Local Food

Here is a great posting from the Future Growing  Blog about how Niels Thorlaksson has converted his backyard into a Tower Garden farm. Instead of watering grass he is now watering 100 Tower Gardens and growing food for his local community.

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Researchers Confirm Superior Yield of Tower Garden

Researchers at the University of Mississippi have confirmed what experienced Tower Gardeners everywhere already know: Tower Garden by Juice Plus+ yields more produce, more quickly than traditional soil-based gardening.

Tower Garden by Juice Plus+ grows more, faster.

Researchers have confirmed that the Tower Garden by Juice Plus+ grows more, faster than conventional gardens.

The researchers grew eight different vegetables and herbs – tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, squash, chard, green basil, parsley, and red kale – side-by-side, in Tower Gardens and in the soil. They planted both sets of crops on the same day, and also later harvested samples of healthy, mature crops on the same day for analysis. The total yield of each crop was calculated and compared between the field-grown plants and Tower Garden-grown plants.

The Tower Garden yielded substantially more produce in every single case, generating 30% more produce on average than the soil-based crops over the same time period. The yield improvement varied from 7% more in the case of cucumber to a 65% greater yield with red kale, as shown below:

Red kale                                              65% greater yield

Bell pepper                                         53% greater yield

Squash                                                 50% greater yield

Cherry tomatoes                            35% greater yield

Parsley                                                21% greater yield

Basil                                                    19% greater yield

Chard                                                    8% greater yield

Cucumber                                             7% greater yield

These yields just confirm what all experienced Tower Gardener’s  already know: That the Tower Garden grows more fresh fruit and vegetables, faster, than traditional gardening. Study also confirmed that in many cases you can harvest and consume your fresh produce more times during each growing season, which allows Tower Garden to pay for itself even more quickly!

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