Bob Stafford

Tower Garden Difference Between Organic and Hydronponic Gardening

Tower Garden Here is a link to a very good article from Ubran Garden Magazine for a great article for Tower Garden lovers on difference between organic farming and hydroponics. I love the line about organic farming or “terraponics” is about feeding the soil. Hydroponics means ‘water working” Hydroponics is about feeding the plant. […]

Tower Garden – 5 Ways to Extend Your Growing Season

Tower Garden Vertical Urban Farming It’s officially fall. You thinking your Tower Garden growing season is ending? Doesn’t have to be so! Your Tower Garden is perfect to continue growing even as the temperatures drop and the days become shorter. Extending your growing season is easier than you think. Here are four ways to assure […]

Tower Garden Winter Heater

The nights are becoming colder here in the Pacific Northwest now that fall has arrived. I have one Tower Garden that will be staying outside all winter long this year. I have begun to prep it for the cold nights. Plants grow best when the temperature surrounding their roots is about 65 degrees. When the […]

Tower Garden Halloween Strawberries

Tower Garden Strawberries Today is Halloween and we have red, ripe strawberries on our Tower Garden! We have had two frosts now and the Tower Garden of strawberry plants is still producing fruit! Just unbelievable what a Tower Garden will do. Bob and I picked the ripe strawberries today and ate them. The strawberries from […]

Tower Garden Squash

Tower Garden Here is a photo of me holding one of the squash I just picked from my urban vertical gardening Tower Garden.  Normally squash seems to have minimal flavor. When I cooked the Tower Garden squash and compared it to the soil grown squash my Tower Garden squash had better flavor.  This flavor enhancement […]

Tower Garden Strawberry Crop

Tower Garden Strawberry Crop

Tower Garden I planted strawberries in one Tower Garden late this year. Being a full time college student this growing season made my time for gardening much less than in the past. The Tower Garden helped me to grow my vegetables with much less time and effort, which was a great blessing. I purchased strawberry plants at […]

Our Tower Gardens

Tower Garden Here are some photos of my Tower Gardens. I started with one Tower Garden planted the first week of March. Three more Tower Gardens where purchased in June with the Tower Garden Family Garden discount. When you purchase 3 Tower Gardens you receive additional items that are worth approximately 20% of the cost […]