Bob Stafford

Vertical Garden Spring Strawberry Crop

Vertical Garden Spring Strawberry Crop

Being an urban gardener with a small backyard I am always looking for urban gardening ideas. I realized the best way to use my limited space to grow vegetables was vertical gardening. I am using Tower Garden by Juice Plus to increase my crop yield.  Last year I planted my first vertical strawberry garden in one […]

How to Plan Your Perfect Tower Garden

How to Plan Your Perfect Tower Garden How to Plan Your Perfect Tower Garden

Spring is in the air! Here in the Pacific Northwest the plum and cherry trees blossoms have come and for the most part are already gone, being replaced with new leaf growth. Now is the time to begin to plan what you are going to be growing this year in your Tower Gardens. There are […]

Gardening Heirloom Seeds vs Hybrid Seeds

Those who have been in the gardening scene for a while may have become aware of the growing battle between the use of heirloom, hybrid, and GMO seeds. Recently, there have been arguments over the implications of using these different types of seeds but a lot of misunderstanding has occurred as people aren’t too familiar […]

Healthy Living Linda’s Fresh Kale Salad

Healthy Living Linda’s Fresh Kale Salad

Fresh kale is a bit difficult to chew sufficiently so that our stomachs can digest it and get the full benefit. My recipe tells how to overcome this objection. All ingredients are approximate. Two cups of packed fresh kale. I like to mix varieties and use the youngest leaves possible. Tear the leaves in to […]

Tower Garden Getting Ready For New Strawberry Crop

Today Bob took the Tower Garden I use to grow strawberries each year and got it ready for me to plant. He took the black plastic 30-gallon trash bags off. My Tower Garden was still clean just the way I left it after cleaning it at the end of the growing season in October. To see […]

Tower Garden Has Higher Yield University of Mississippi Study Shows

The University of Mississippi published a research paper about growing vegetables in a Tower Garden. The study reveals that plants grown in aeroponic systems show a higher product yield and comparable antioxidant properties compared to those grown in soil. OleMiss planted 24 Tower Gardens with basil, chard, parsley, red kale, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and […]