About Linda Woolsey

I am Linda Woolsey, a life long gardener. I grew up on a  watermelon and cantaloupe farm in

Linda Woolsey Urban Gardener and Tower Garden Farmer

Linda Woolsey Urban Gardener and Tower Garden Farmer

Southern Utah having dirt under my finger nails for as long as I can remember. After retiring I earned my certificate in Horticulture from Lake Washington Technical Collage. I am a Certified Professional Horticulturist. I purchased one Tower Garden at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in February 2013. I now have 4 Tower Gardens and plan to add more of them in the spring. In all my many years of gardening I have never found any easier, faster, and no hassle way of gardening than the Tower Garden.

I became a Juice Plus+ distributor and have found since using it I have more energy and endurance. I just generally feel better.  Once I began to do the Transform30 program I began to loose weight and slowly have found my food choices change to the point that I no longer crave to eat meat. My diet is now mostly vegetarian. This was never a goal of mine, just something that has happened living the Transform30 lifestyle.

I do garden coaching and design. I can be contacted by phone at 425-308-727 or email me at SpiritTowerGarden@Yahoo.com.