LED Tower Garden Grow Lights

New LED Tower Garden Grow Lights

Tower Garden Grow Lights

Winter and gardening don’t pair together well – at least not traditionally.

But Tower Garden isn’t exactly traditional. After all, it produces plants almost automatically, with out soil.

And now with the new LED Tower Garden Grow Lights, growing an indoor Tower Garden just became even easier.

LED Tower Garden Lights

Photo by The Juice Plus Company.

Introducing the New Tower Garden LED Grow Lights

Tower Garden has introduced LED Grow Lights (pictured on right in the photograph above). Besides helping you to grow your own fresh, nutrient-rich healthy food year-round, this sleek system allows you to:

  • Reduce energy costs. LED bulbs save up to 40 percent more energy and last to to 50,000 hours.
  • Install and use with ease. With only six pieces and a single power cable, the lighting system is self-contained and simple to set up – No Support Cage Necessary.
  • Adjust light position as needed. Flexible arm allow you to move lamps to effortlessly harvest, clean, and provide plants with adequate light, whether they’re tiny seedlings or large, mature plants.

Though these grow lights are new, the best practices of indoor gardening such as providing 14 – 16 hours of light, pruning plants to improve air circulation still apply.

For the techy people, here are a few key product specifications:

  • Working Temperature = less than 104° F.
  • Maximum Power Consumption = 125 Watts
  • Input Voltage = 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Average Utility Cost per month = $6.00, per energy.gov
  • Color Temperature = 6000K (crystal white light)

How to Use Grow Lights To Start Your Garden Early

Though certain types of LED grow lights are designed to encourage flowering and fruit development, Tower Garden’s Grow Lights are best for growing leafy greens and herbs. (And at this time, Tower Garden has no plans to offer full spectrum lights for fruiting crops – mostly because growing fruiting crops indoors is a challenge, regardless of which lights you use.)

That means if you grow crops such as tomatoes, peppers, or squash, for example, indoors you’ll get lots of lush green foliage, but few flowers and in many cases no fruit. This is because there are no bees inside to pollinate the flower buds. You can pollinate by hand. Tap here to learn how. 

However if you live somewhere with a short growing season, such as Canada, or if you simply want to to maximize your yields this spring and summer.


Well, if you start your warm season crops indoors during the late winter, you’ll have robust, well-established plants by April or May. So when you move them outside (after hardening them off), or acclimating them to the outdoors conditions), you’ll enjoy harvests much earlier than if you had waited until spring to germinate seeds – thereby increasing your yields overall. (Tap Here to learn how to hardening off seedlings.)

Of course, you could also just stick to leafy greens and herbs, which grow wonderfully indoors year-round with LED’s. It is up to you!

Succeed with LED Tower Garden Grow Lights!

LED Tower Garden Grow Lights




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