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Tower Garden with wilted plants

I Almost Killed My Tower Garden!

I went outside to pick some collard greens off one of my Tower Gardens. To my shock and horror all the plants where drooping and wilted.  I thought it was out of water. Took the cover off and looked inside. I had water, a bit low but still plenty. What is going on?Tower Garden with wilted plants























I unplugged the pump and pulled it out. I found the intakes where all plugged up with broken off pieces of roots and a thick green slime. It looked like Slimmer from the Ghost Busters had visited my Tower Garden. Yuck!

Unhooked the pump from the tower. Took it out of the reservoir and gave it a good cleaning. Pulled the end off and took the filter out and cleaned it with my garden hose. A soft spray and the filter was clean again.

I than took a old toothbrush to the outside of the filter and cleaned all the roots out of the portOrder Tower Garden button. holes to the filter. A rinse with the garden hose and all was clean again. Than put the filter back in and put the filter cover back in place.

Put the pump back inside. Hooked up the hose to the tower and all was well again. Been 3 days now and now problems. All is well.

You may be wondering why the empty ports? This Tower Garden had been inside all winter longTower Garden plant starts in my greenhouse. and had been take outdoors the week before. The plants that where harvested and at the end of their growing season where removed. New starts are going in the greenhouse. As soon as they are ready they will be filling the empty ports.

I think my problem with the pump being plugged was because I pumped as much water as  could out of the Tower Garden and took it outside with out taking it apart and cleaning it since it still had plants going in it.

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I Almost Killed My Tower Garden









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