High Temperature affects on Tower Garden

High Temperature affects on Tower Garden

What affects do the high temperatures have on your Tower Garden?

Photo of Tower Garden covered with Tower Blanket

Tower Blanket covering one of my towers.

Here in the Pacific Northwest we are having a real heat wave. Temperatures have been in the 80’s and 90’s for the past two weeks.

During periods of extreme heat, plants are being stressed when temperatures are above 85 degrees. The plants will literally begin to cook! They need more water as they deal with the loss of water by evaporation through their leaves.

It is important to check the water level daily.  Keep the Tower Garden reservoir full at all times.

If you can, have buckets of water sitting out a day in advance to let the chlorine evaporate. During times when the plants are using a lot of water, only add Tower Tonic about every third addition. Too high concentration of minerals is not good for the plants.

You may need to protect your plants from too much hot sun. Just like people, your plants can be “sunburned” during times of high temperature. Use a plant cover cloth such as the Tower Blanket to cover your Tower Garden. This could be especially important in the hot afternoon.

I run the pump continuous and sometimes hand spray the Tower Garden plants.

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High Temperature affects on Tower Garden

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