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Tower Garden Starting Seeds

Seedlings in my Greenhouse wated with Tower Tonic

Seedlings in my greenhouse that I water with Tower Tonic

Starting seeds in rock wool cubes for your Tower Garden? Once the seeds have sprouted, I use a weak solution of Tower Tonic.  I use a solution that is about 25% of the normal ratio.  Once the seedlings are put into your Tower Garden use a 50% solution of Tower Tonic for about the first month and then progress to the full solution as your plants become bigger.  This works well when you are starting with all new plants, like you would do in the spring.

I also use normal strength Tower Tonic on my soil plant starts that will be transplanted into my traditional soil garden. Tower Tonic is the best all around fertilizer, and it’s organic!  “But what about the cost?” you ask.  Just $40.00 of Tower Tonic could easily last all summer!

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Healthy Living Why Did I Put The Weight Back On?

Dr. Mitra Ray Ph.D explains in her video why people regain the weight they lost while dieting.  She gives you the information you need to maintain your goal weight.  You can keep the weight off for good following her simple advice and plan.

Remove toxins to loose weight for good!

Toxins in your body prevent you from keeping weight off.

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30 Days Can Change Your Life

30 Days Can Change Your Life

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