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Tower Garden Over Watering Danger

Growing in my greenhouse during the fall and winter seasons, reduced sun light

Winter time watering and grow lights for your Tower Garden.

Tower Garden in my green house with grow lights.

and lower temperatures slows down plant growth. With reduced growth, the plant needs less nutrients and less water. It could be easy to over water.  I keep my Tower Garden pump on a cycle of 15 minutes on and 30 minutes off.  I am using four T5 grow lights on my Tower Gardens. I keep the ambient temperature about 60 degrees.This has worked well for me in my climate and winter conditions. The amount of water you need will vary depending on where you live, temperature, and light intensity.  If you are seeking slower growth, decrease the amount of time you are watering your plants.  Do this for at least a week and notice the result. Click here for a link  how I add nutrients to my Tower Garden.

For my Tower Garden customers, I offer a free 30 minute consultation.  For non-customers, you can purchase my time in 15 minute increments at  $25.00 each.

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Gardening Winter Mistake

I was asked about adding cow steer manure to the ground over the winter to help build up the

Plant meterial decomposing in my garden beds.

I let nature decompose all the plant material from Autumn in my garden beds.

soil. Now is not the time to be adding any kind of fertilizer to your soil if you live in a severe winter climate zone. The addition of the fertilizer will stimulate your plants to begin to grow. During cold weather with shorter daylight hours plants are conserving their energy in order to survive. Stimulating your plants with fertilizer may cause them to die.

I leave leaves and other natural plant matter on the ground in my garden beds over the winter. In the spring I turn them under into the soil with a spade shovel. The natural decomposition of the plant matter helps to add nutrients to the soil. If you have any questions contact me using the form below: