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Tower Garden Winter Nutrients

During the cool months it is important to add nutrients to your water very time you fill your Tower Garden reservoir tank. I normally premix a 5 gallon bucket of water. I fill the bucket and

Tower Tonic

Tower Tonic

let it sit for a day to help the chlorine clear from the water. The following day I add the recommended amount; 100 ml of Tower Tonic A and Tower Tonic B to the bucket. I than add water to the reservoir as needed.

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Tower Garden Urban Gardening Soil Dangers

Their is a new trend in our cities to convert unused land into urban gardens. Do you know

Tower Garden Grown Squash

Tower Garden Grown Squash

the history of that land? Was it once the site of a building that has been demolished that contaminated the soil with asbestos?  Even having raised beds can still result in your food being contaminated. Click here for a link to a great article about this subject.

Tower Garden is a great way to grow food in a urban environment. Since no soil is used their is no worries about your food being contaminated with toxins from the urban soil. With the use of grow lights during the winter months in cold climates you can continue to produce your own food if you have a place to bring your Garden Tower inside.

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