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Tower Garden needs sun light on all sides

If only one side of your garden receives sunlight each day, rotate the reservoir lid 1/4 turn in the same direction daily for uniform plant growth. My Tower Gardens are against a light colored wall which helps to reflect light onto the backside of them.

Sun hitting one of my Tower Gardens

Sun hitting one of my Tower Gardens

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Tower Garden Students Learning How To Have Green Thumbs

Here is a URL to a newspaper article about the school in Collingswood, Ontario, Canada learning how to have green thumbs using 6 Tower Gardens.

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Tower Garden California Farmer Finds Solution To The State’s Water Crisis In Local Food

Here is a great posting from the Future Growing  Blog about how Niels Thorlaksson has converted his backyard into a Tower Garden farm. Instead of watering grass he is now watering 100 Tower Gardens and growing food for his local community.

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Tower Garden Steve Ritz Amazing Green Bronx Machine

Steve Ritz Green Bronx Machine

Steve Ritz photo from Green Bronx Machine Facebook page.

Steven Ritz is a school teacher in the South Bronx of New York City. Stephen has been working to teach his students and the community how to grow their own food in the South Bronx. Bob and I had the wonderful experience of listening to him as a speaker at the Juice Plus Leadership in Phoenix in April. Steven is just a bundle of energy! He has founded a non-profit organization Green Bronx Machine that has been turning vacant lots into community gardens and vacant buildings into Tower Garden Farms. This URL is a short video about what he is doing with the school children of the South Bronx.

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Tower Garden Working in the Garden Spring is Here!

Have had two wonderful gardening days here in the Pacific Northwest. No it doesn’t rain all

Spring time colors in front of my house.

Spring time colors in front of my house.

the time, just seems like it at times. Bob got my drip irritation system that he installed for me 3 years ago back on line and running for the season two weeks agao. With the past few days of sun time to start to water the plants again. Harvested one Tower Garden and moved it from the greenhouse outside. Planted one Tower Garden with Everbearing Strawberries last week. They are growing well. Also planted my onions last week.

Just love spring in the Pacific Northwest with all the colors everywhere around me. Click here to order your Tower Garden now.

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