Tower Garden Strawberry Crop


Tower Garden

I planted strawberries in one Tower Garden late this year. Being a full time collage student this growing season made my time for gardening much less than in the past. The Tower Garden helped me to grow my vegetables with much less time and effort, which was a great blessing. I purchased strawberry plants at a local nursery. These where plants started in soil, not the rock wool inserts used in the Tower Garden. I took the plants out of the plastic holder pots and began to very slowly with gentle water spray bottle begin to wash the dirt from the roots of the plants. Be very careful doing this. A plants main roots have many very fine roots coming off of them. These fine roots are what bring the nutrients into the plant. When washing the dirt away, no matter how careful you are, many of these fine roots are lost. When you replant into the rock wool the plant will go into shock for up to two weeks, before it begins to grow. That is the reason why I prefer to use plant starts that I began from seed in the rock wool in my window still or greenhouse; or that I purchased online.

When planting starts as big as these strawberries cut the rock wool in half, put the roots in it, than wrap a rubber band around the rock wool to hold it together. The roots on my strawberry starts where so long that they hung out about 4 inches beyond the rock wool. I had to cut a hole in the Tower Garden Net Basket to pass the roots though. I found that a pair of wire cutting pliers worked well for this.

It took my strawberries about two weeks to recover from the shock of having the dirt removed. I was worried at first that I had damaged them too much and they where not going to recover. I kept watching them and than they started to grow. Once they started to grow they just kept on growing. We have been picking berries off the vines for over a month now as we pick, new berries have been forming!  Just amazing!


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