Christmas Cactus Vacation

Christmas Cactus in full bloom photo.
Christmas Cactus in full bloom. Photo Credit Northern Gardens.

It’s time to put our Christmas Cactus outside! They love to get the extra sunshine and fresh air.  Some words of caution:

Bring your cactus back inside if there is a possibility of frost during the night.

Begin by putting your cactus in some partial shade and totally avoid direct sunshine for a couple of ­­weeks.  You will give your cactus a sunburn it placed too soon in the full sunshine! Yep, just like your own skin burning from the sun, the fragile outer tissues of the cactus will burn.  With humans, we peel off the burned skin and grow new skin underneath.  Not true for plants!  Their outer layer of tissue can’t be replaced near so easily, if at all. And don’t rub your sunscreen on your cactus either!  The oils will suffocate the plants’ ability to absorb oxygen! And that is also true for humans!  Best to choose sunscreens without oil, or at least a very fine oil that won’t clog your skin pores as you absorb some of your oxygen through your skin pores.

You may need to increase your watering routine for your cactus since it’s in more sun.  But, only water when the cactus is completely dry to your touch.  It is a cactus and likes a drought.

Growing People Tip:  Are you in need of a mini-vacation like your Christmas cactus?  Spend 15 minutes in the sunshine every day, relax and take several very long deep breaths.  See, you feel better already!

In the fall I’ll give you a couple of secrets to get the best blooms on your cactus ever!

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