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Aeroponic Gardening Tower Garden

Aeroponic Gardening 5 Research Backed Benefits

Aeroponic Gardening Tower Garden

Aeroponic Gardening is now available to the average gardener. It is no longer only for commercial use. The introduction of the Tower Garden Growing System has made gardening practical for those with little or no land to garden. Today even if you live in an apartment building with only a balcony on an upper floor you can still garden.

There are many compelling reasons to grow your own food. Quality of the food, fun of gardening, growing organic….the list goes on. So it’s really no surprise that more than 1 in every 3 (approximately 42 million) American households have gardens.

Growing your own food in your backyard isn’t necessarily as simple as sticking a seed into the ground. There are important details to consider, including how much you will be able to grow, sustainability, safety and more – particularly when deciding how to grow your on food.

Sticking a seed in the ground may not always be your best option. But Tower Garden and the aeroponic technology it uses just might be. Here are 5 reasons why, backed by research.

Grow up to 30% more food 3x faster with less space, water and hassle using the Tower Garden Growing System.

1. Tower Garden can increase yields by an average of 30%.

The University of Mississippi compared product yield of crops grown in aeroponic growing systems and in soil. Researchers found the yields of plants grown with aeroponic technology were more than 30% bigger on average. Here’s the breakdown by crop:

  • Basil – 19% increase
  • Chard – 8% increase
  • Red kale – 65% increase
  • Parsley – 21% increase
  • Bell pepper – 53% increase
  • Cherry tomatoes – 35% increase
  • Cucumber – 7% increase
  • Squash – 50% increase

On a side note, the study also measured total phenolics, flavonoids and antioxidants in the produce grown. It turns out aeroponic and soil methods yield produce with comparable nutritional value.

2. Plants grow up to 3x more quickly.

According to NASA, plants grow up to 3x faster in aeroponic growing systems compared to growing in soil. Plus, yields are more consistent, and, with grow lights, year-round growing is possible.

Aeroponic Gardening Tower Garden

3. Tower Garden uses as much as 98% less water.

Traditional agriculture uses approximately 80% of our water. This is a serious problem, especially for western states, where water is already in short supply. The good news? NASA found that aeroponic technology uses up to 98% less water.

4. A vertical design requires 90% less space.

Another know issue with traditional growing methods is that of space. You need a lot of it. We have less and less space to farm daily. We lose about 3,000 acres of farmland to development daily. But growing vertically requires only 10% of the space traditional farming uses.

5. Pollution and pests are less of a problem.

How much do you know about your backyards history? City soil is often contaminated with heavy metals, asbestos, petrochemicals and other pollutants….a number of which you can’t test for(I don’t know about you, but I don’t really want that stuff seeping into food I ultimately eat). Luckily, Tower Garden is a soil-less growing system. So there’s no cause for concern about contaminated dirt.

Worried about pesticides? Thanks to a close-loop system that recycles water and nutrients, Tower Garden plants experience less stress. So they’re healthy enough to naturally resist most pests. Weeds are not an issue, of course, since they need soil to grow.

You could be growing your own organic produce today. You could be growing your own smoothie greens all winter long. You could be picking your own fresh salad greens today. You could just CLICK HERE now and order your Tower Garden Growing System and help keep our water and air cleaner.


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Photo of Linda cleaning a Tower Garden

How to clean your Tower Garden

Photo of Linda cleaning a Tower Garden

It is simple to clean your Tower Garden. Just follow along as we clean ours.

Are you asking, How to clean your Tower Garden? Fall is here and the outside growing season will soon be coming to an end once Jack Frost arrives. With the end of the growing season comes the need to clean your Tower Garden as you end this food production cycle. Follow this link to learn how to clean your Tower Garden.

Once you have cleaned your Tower Garden are you going to bring it inside to grow fresh produce all winter long. If so click here to learn how to install grow lights on your Tower Garden.

For some tips on how to extend your growing season click here.

If you wish to learn more about the Tower Garden Urban Home Growing System Click here.

Can I start my seeds directly in my Tower Garden

A customers questions about seed starting in the Tower Garden

Q: At this time of the year, can I start seeds directly in the Tower Garden?

A: Regardless of the season, always start your seeds in the Seedling Starter Kit that comes with the Tower Garden. Of course, use fresh rock wool for the seeds. Cover the seeds with the vermiculite, just like the instructions for the first time you planted. I like to keep the seeds dark until sprouted, then give them filtered sunshine for about a week, then move to full sunlight.

Q: Can I start lettuce when our temperatures are 85 degrees and above?

A: Lettuce is a cool weather plant so for sure you would need to provide shade. You’d also want to have shade on the reservoir since the water gets very hot when the ambient temperature is above 85. Personally, I’m waiting until our day time temps are consistently below 80. Then I’ll start some kale and collard greens that will grow all winter long inside my green house.

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High Temperature affect on Tower Garden

What affects do the high temperatures have on your Tower Garden?

Photo of Tower Garden covered with Tower Blanket

Tower Blanket covering one of my towers.

Here in the Pacific Northwest we are having a real heat wave. Temperatures have been in the 80’s and 90’s for the past two weeks.

During periods of extreme heat, plants are being stressed when temperatures are above 85 degrees. The plants will literally begin to cook! They need more water as they deal with the loss of water by evaporation through their leaves.

It is important to check the water level daily.  Keep the Tower Garden reservoir full at all times.

If you can, have buckets of water sitting out a day in advance to let the chlorine evaporate. During times when the plants are using a lot of water, only add Tower Tonic about every third addition. Too high concentration of minerals is not good for the plants.

You may need to protect your plants from too much hot sun. Just like people, your plants can be “sunburned” during times of high temperature. Use a plant cover cloth such as the Tower Blanket to cover your Tower Garden. This could be especially important in the hot afternoon.

I run the pump continuous and sometimes hand spray the Tower Garden plants.

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Tower Garden Grew Amazing Long Chard Plants

Photo of Tower Garden with long stem chard and kale plants

See how long the stems are on the chard and kale plants of this Tower Garden.

This is a Tower Garden that I planted last November before Thanksgiving. It spent the coldest part of the winter in my greenhouse with grow lights. There just isn’t enough daylight this far north to grow in the winter without grow lights. I took it outside in March, and put an aquarium heater in the water reservoir to keep the water at 65 degrees which is important. That is the perfect soil and water temperature for maximum growth.

It’s now the last week of June 2015. We’ve been eating Chard greens from this Tower Garden since Christmas. Notice how long the steams on the Chard plant have grown because we pick the older leaves and leave the tip to continue growing.  The stem climbed higher searching for ever more sunlight. It is amazing how these plants have been in this Tower Garden for 7 months now and just keep on growing and producing leaves for us to eat. The weather has been very hot here the past week which has caused the Chard plants to begin to bolt and get too tough. I am now going to harvest the leaves. I’m going to plant new starts in this Tower Garden for a second crop. Since plants grow 30% faster in a Tower Garden I expect to get a third crop before we get a hard frost.

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Tower Gardens vital in Urban Vertical Gardening

Here is the link to a online article I came across. Great story about how vertical gardening is being used in urban areas by restaurants and even grocery stores to grow fresh produce using Tower Gardens.

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