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Tower Garden Winter Nutrients

During the cool months it is important to add nutrients to your water very time you fill your Tower Garden reservoir tank. I normally premix a 5 gallon bucket of water. I fill the bucket and

Tower Tonic

Tower Tonic

let it sit for a day to help the chlorine clear from the water. The following day I add the recommended amount; 100 ml of Tower Tonic A and Tower Tonic B to the bucket. I than add water to the reservoir as needed.

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Gardening – Help Bee’s Pollinate!

This is a zucchini blossom with the bee doing its work!  To help out the pollination, I go out early each morning and use a feather to brush each blossom center, thus spreading pollen from male to female blossoms.  It really does work and it increases my yield dramatically.

Bee pollinating squash blossom on my Tower Garden.

Bee pollinating squash blossom on my Tower Garden.

The second photo is a beautiful cucumber blossom.

Cucumber blossom on my Tower Garden.

Cucumber blossom on my Tower Garden.

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Tower Garden California Farmer Finds Solution To The State’s Water Crisis In Local Food

Here is a great posting from the Future Growing  Blog about how Niels Thorlaksson has converted his backyard into a Tower Garden farm. Instead of watering grass he is now watering 100 Tower Gardens and growing food for his local community.

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Tower Garden Steve Ritz Amazing Green Bronx Machine

Steve Ritz Green Bronx Machine

Steve Ritz photo from Green Bronx Machine Facebook page.

Steven Ritz is a school teacher in the South Bronx of New York City. Stephen has been working to teach his students and the community how to grow their own food in the South Bronx. Bob and I had the wonderful experience of listening to him as a speaker at the Juice Plus Leadership in Phoenix in April. Steven is just a bundle of energy! He has founded a non-profit organization Green Bronx Machine that has been turning vacant lots into community gardens and vacant buildings into Tower Garden Farms. This URL is a short video about what he is doing with the school children of the South Bronx.

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Tower Garden Seedling Providers

Following is a list of various providers of plant starts for your Tower Garden. The plant starts are begun in the rock wool starting medium and are a couple of inches high when shipped via Post Office Priority Mail. When you receive the plant starts open the package at once and soak rock wool in distilled water. When planting the starts into your Tower Garden begin with a Tower Tonic Solution that is 50% of the normal strength. The new plants do not need the full strength Tonic for about another four weeks when they become bigger and are ready to absorb all of the nutrients. The following document was a hand out at a Tower Garden workshop I attended at the Juice Plus+ Leadership Conference in Phoenix.

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Researchers Confirm Superior Yield of Tower Garden

Researchers at the University of Mississippi have confirmed what experienced Tower Gardeners everywhere already know: Tower Garden by Juice Plus+ yields more produce, more quickly than traditional soil-based gardening.

Tower Garden by Juice Plus+ grows more, faster.

Researchers have confirmed that the Tower Garden by Juice Plus+ grows more, faster than conventional gardens.

The researchers grew eight different vegetables and herbs – tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, squash, chard, green basil, parsley, and red kale – side-by-side, in Tower Gardens and in the soil. They planted both sets of crops on the same day, and also later harvested samples of healthy, mature crops on the same day for analysis. The total yield of each crop was calculated and compared between the field-grown plants and Tower Garden-grown plants.

The Tower Garden yielded substantially more produce in every single case, generating 30% more produce on average than the soil-based crops over the same time period. The yield improvement varied from 7% more in the case of cucumber to a 65% greater yield with red kale, as shown below:

Red kale                                              65% greater yield

Bell pepper                                         53% greater yield

Squash                                                 50% greater yield

Cherry tomatoes                            35% greater yield

Parsley                                                21% greater yield

Basil                                                    19% greater yield

Chard                                                    8% greater yield

Cucumber                                             7% greater yield

These yields just confirm what all experienced Tower Gardener’s  already know: That the Tower Garden grows more fresh fruit and vegetables, faster, than traditional gardening. Study also confirmed that in many cases you can harvest and consume your fresh produce more times during each growing season, which allows Tower Garden to pay for itself even more quickly!

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