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Tower Gardens vital in Urban Vertical Gardening

Here is the link to a online article I came across. Great story about how vertical gardening is being used in urban areas by restaurants and even grocery stores to grow fresh produce using Tower Gardens.

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Tower Garden is a Lettuce Growing Machine

Our Tower Gardens are now just full of fresh produce ready to harvest! We will be harvesting and replanting at once for our second crop of this growing season. We have been eating from our Tower Gardens for several months now. Going out daily and picking fresh greens to make our morning Green Shake or for fresh salads. We have kale and chard plants that we have been eating from since December! It is now the last week of June and the heat is beginning to make them bolt, so it is time to replace them with new starts. Seven months of eating from these plants. That to me is remarkable!

Lettuce has been a staple vegetable for us. We eat one or two salads daily. Our Tower Gardens keep us supplied with the lettuce we need year round. We use grow lights and bring the towers inside for the winter.

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Tower Garden Sun Reflector


Photo of Tower Gardens with automobile sun reflectors around their bases.

Doug Barlow uses sun reflectors to shine more light on his Tower Gardens.

Do you have a problem with the only location you have for your Tower Gardens not getting enough light during the day? Doug Barlow has this problem. His home has a high bluff on the east side that keeps that side of the house in a shadow most of the day. On the west side of the house the sun doesn’t directly light the yard area until afternoon. Having enough light is always a challenge. To help him get the maximum amount of light shining on his Tower Gardens Doug has put automobile window sun reflectors around his Tower Gardens. The sun’s rays are reflected from the deck surface onto the vegetables planted in the towers, giving them more sunlight. If you have a similar problem where buildings or land features are blocking the sun causing your Tower Gardens to be in a shadow much of the day,  this idea will help you to make maximum use of the sun’s rays.

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Photo of 3 Tower Gardens with sun reflectors around their bases.

Tower Gardens on Doug Barlow’s patio with automobile sun reflectors around their bases.

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Hand Pollinate Tomatoes, Zucchini and other plants in Tower Garden

Linda Woolsey holding Zucchini see just picked from her Tower Garden.

Harvesting Zucchini from my Tower Garden.

Are your Zucchini or Tomato plants growing like crazy in your Tower Garden? Do they have had lots of flowers but are giving little or no fruit? If you are experiencing this, it could be caused by a lack of pollination due to the decline of the native bee population. Today more gardeners have to manually pollinate their fruiting crops by hand pollination. Learning this skill is becoming important to insure a bountiful harvest from not only your Tower Garden, but vegetable plants and fruit plants planted in the soil.

What crops need to be pollinated?

All fruit plants and vegetable plants that have flowers need to be pollinated.

Self Pollinating Plants

Some plants contain both male and female parts to self pollinate and produce fruit. Some of these are:

  • Tomatoes
  • Beans
  • Peppers
  • Eggplant
  • Some Cucumbers
  • Peas
  • Strawberries
  • Some Cucumbers

Separate Male and Female Flowers

  • Zucchini
  • Squash
  • Cucumbers
  • Pumpkins

Signs that you need to Manually Pollinate

  • You see no bees, butterflies, or other pollinators such as flies
  • You are growing inside
  • Flowers or immature fruit shrivel up and fall off the plant before the fruit sets on
  • Plant dies

Watch this short video to learn how to pollinate all plants.

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Tower Garden inventor gives State of the Plant Report

Photo of Tim Blank standing beside a Tower Garden.

Tim Black stands beside one of the Tower Gardens he created.

Horticulturist and futurist Tim Blank shares how the vertical aeroponic Tower Garden hydroponic gardening system revolution is exploding local food, drastically reducing water and chemical use, and shifting the state of the planet. Bob and I where in the audience when Tim Blank give this presentation.

In this talk Tim Blank talks about developing the Tower Garden Tonic taking several years. It actually took seven years to perfect the solution that is now used to provide natural earth elements and minerals to feed the plants. Tower Tonic also includes trace minerals that humans need. When you eat the produce you have grown in your Tower Garden you are also receiving naturally trace minerals benefits, not a man made supplement. My goal is to put a vertical vegetable gardening Tower Garden in everyone’s backyard to make us all healthier from eating home grown produce.

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Planting seeds for your Tower Garden

Photo of 3 Tower Gardens in my backyard.

My Tower Gardens are already on second harvest this year. Newer plants on the bottom.

You just purchased your Tower Garden from my website and it is now time to plant some seeds in the rock wool cubes and begin vertical vegetable gardening in your hydroponic gardening system. Watch the video below for step by step instructions.

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Tower Garden Ripe Strawberries in 75 Days!

These strawberries where just tiny plant starts when planted in my Tower Garden the middle of March. Now it’s Memorial Day weekend and I am picking ripe strawberries from my Tower Garden. All in just two and a half months!

My strawberries  in traditional soil beds have green strawberries that show no sign of ripening yet.

The Tower Garden produces fruits and vegetables 30% faster than if grown in soil.

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